Unesco Youth Report

The youth version of the report has been produced by A World at School in association with UNESCO.
The UNESCO team approached me to design this report which is targeted at a youth readership.

Young people are rising up to demand their right to an education – and they are calling on the world’s leaders to take urgent action.

Their voices are heard in a special youth version of an annual report which for the past 15 years has tracked progress towards getting every child into school. Their inspirational quotes add a human face to the bare statistics contained in the main 2015 Education For All Global Monitoring Report.
The brief was to build a visual aesthetic which would help to communicate the goals and statistics to an audience ranging from 10 year-old children to 20 year old young adults.

The challenge was to develop an aesthetic that was readable, but also appealing to those different ages.

The youth version of the report is packed with facts, figures and the six Education For All goals. But it also contains some moving and inspirational quotes from young people and youth advocates – some of them being Global Youth Ambassadors – affected by the issues behind those goals.

After doing the report in English, I was also commissioned to deliver the French and Spanish translation versions.
You can see the full report here

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